How to Use GotoWebinar

Please watch your email for call info details, and the reminders on the day of the call.

If you don’t know how to attend a GotoWebinar call, you are in for a big treat!
Watch the quick and simple video below to see how to attend, so you can get the most out of the call

In this video, Christina demonstrates registering for a webinar and explains the process for listening to audio, asking questions and raising your hand. (Length 3 min 53 sec)

Once you are on the webinar, you can click to open the Webinar panel, and then select which audio option to use.
NOTE: The phone number in the image below is NOT YOUR PHONE NUMBER. It is just an example. See your email for your phone number, or just listen on your computer.

GoToWebinar_Attendee_QuickRef_Guide for PC Owners is Here
GoToWebinar_Attendee_QuickRef_Guide_Mac Owners is Here